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Anett Petrányi
Anett Petrányi
Rámutat a jó irányra. Kedves, segítőkész.
Ahmet Yıldırım
Ahmet Yıldırım
From the moment I enter her place my tension and worries started to diminish. Her presence by itself was very healing and relaxing. It was great experience. I like her attitude a lot. Even though I booked only for a reiki session, she put extra time for listening my healing journey, she reccomended books and practises that I can apply to improve my life situation. Whoever thinks to go there! GO. YOU WON'T REGRET. Klaudia is kind, warm, repectful, gentle and professional with her work. I recieved a service beyond 5 star, yet google only have 5 here:) Thank you again Klaudia
Linda Pálkovács
Linda Pálkovács
Nagyon jól éreztem magam, bátran ajànlom mindenkinek!
Anne Marie Vivil Petersen
Anne Marie Vivil Petersen
Klaudia is an AMAZING Woman. She saw me, she felt me. she was truely interested in helping me and healing me. she inquired into my life and met all my needs. she helped me in right direction in many areas. I can HIGHLY recommend her. from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU
Zsuzsanna Tajti
Zsuzsanna Tajti
Meleg szívvel ajánlom Kaludiát mindenkinek, aki feltöltödésre vágyik! Nyugodt, meghitt környezetben, odafigyelve, maximális kedvességgel és rugalmassággal végzi a valóban pihentetö kezeléseket. Mind a klinikai masszázs, mind a reflexológia érezhetö változást hozott. Nagyon köszönöm!
zsuzsanna vass
zsuzsanna vass
Ha testi,lelki feltöltődésre vàgysz,akkor jó szívvel ajànlom Klaudiát❤❤Itt minden a vendég kívánsága szerint alakul..🙂😘
Aniko Lengyel
Aniko Lengyel
Többször részt vettem Reiki kezelésen . Fantasztikus volt . Klaudia nagyon képzett és hihetetlen kedves szemèlyiség .
Kristine Anigwe
Kristine Anigwe
My friend and I came here and it was amazing. Thankful for meeting such a kind person in Budapest.

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Klaudiától a fellángoló derékfájásom miatt

Klaudiától a fellángoló derékfájásom miatt kértem segítséget.
Lényéből és kezeiből gondoskodó melegség árad, nyugtató légkört teremtve.Mozdulatai mégis dinamikusak, lendületesek, lecsillapodva,ám energikusan távoztam. Nyújtás- technikai tanácsait azóta is gyakorlom, hálás vagyok értük.
Szívvel ajánlom Őt mindenkinek!

Szabó Luca

I would like to thank

I would like to thank Klaudia for giving me the possibility to try distant Reiki with her. I found it fascinating that despite the distance between us (she was in London, I was in Budapest) I felt several different sensations in my body. I shared them with Klaudia after the treatment and she helped me to understand them. She gave me lots of useful pieces of information. I would like to thank her again on this forum as well for the loving attention she showed towards me.

Nora Szabo Racz

I had a very bad

I had a very bad shoulder pain. I connected with Klaudia and asked her for distance Reiki treatment.
I recieved two distant healing session and the pain miracelously has gone away.
I highly recommend Klaudia’s treatments to anyone who needs some healing.

Bertalan Fodor

I had my first ever

I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Klaudia in the form of distant Reiki. All I can say is that Reiki is wonderful, as is Klaudia’s vibrant and kind personality which already had a positive effect on me during our chat before the treatment. During the treatment, I felt warmth, pulsation and tingling from body part to body part. I could feel my body and bodily functions as the energy was flowing everywhere. After the treatment, I was in a peacefully tired state, and felt cleansed. I asked the Reiki for spiritual healing. Since than so many good things have happened to me. I feel myself harmonious. Reiki really knows where to go. I happily recommend Reiki to everyone. Klaudia is highly professional and caring.

Sara Nemeth

A few days ago I

A few days ago I had my first ever distant-reiki session with Klaudia. Never having had a reiki session before, I had no idea what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. When the treatment started I immediately felt vibrating energy, and after a long time I truly felt relaxed and relieved from everyday stress. As a result, I feel a lot more energetic since then, I am sleeping better and managing my everyday tasks easier. — Thank you Klaudia! 🙂 It was a very special experience. For anyone who needs some inner healing, I truly recommend her treatment!


Klaudia has an extensive knowledge

Klaudia has an extensive knowledge and experience of different types of massages and healing technics. She is able to magically combine them ” made to measure” to achieve the best and fastest results. I have had several treatments; when she massaged my back and shoulder I sensed also the waves of reiki flowing through my body. The sessions heal, energise and revitalise the mind and the body.
Klaudia offers new anti-aging face massage what I had a pleasure to try. The results are incredible, the facelift is visible after a session. It is not only the skin what looks fresher but the muscles feel tighter. She recommended to take an ayurvedic facial with jojoba oil after the second face massage. Wow! It was a winning combination with visible difference. She has incredible hands and healing abilities. I can only recommend.


She has the touch!

She has the touch! ? Honestly, Klaudia’s hands are just magic. I have noticed a major difference in my skin and facial shape after the Natural Face Lift Massage – it’s really like a natural face lift, it feels it de-bloated my face, I have sharper cheek-bones! No product is used, ie no oil or cream. The “bonus” is that you are made to feel really relaxed, the whole process is meditative.

Maya Heath

I feel pain in my

I feel pain in my body and after being to the doctors, I’ve been told I’m OK,there is nothing physical wrong with me, they even gave me medicines for nerve damage, as this is what they assumed I have. I’ve been taking the medicines for a while and I ended up depressed and very stressed as the pain still comes and goes and my mind just won’t let me rest and I end up thinking of all bad things that could happen to me. After having massage sessions with Klaudia, just being in the same room with her, I realised that my pain comes from emotional blockages.. At some point I was so stressed and full of thoughts that I thought I am going crazy. After a reiki session I feel so much relaxed and I finally have space in my head to think positive again and start leaving in the present moment without being stuck in bad thoughts. Klaudia is an amazing healer and I will keep going to see here again and recommend to my friends. Thank you Klaudia!

Diana Rosu

Thank you very much Kaludia

Thank you very much Kaludia for your treatment, I think both me and my husband Onur feel totally different since then, and we believe that you showed us a way to become game changer in our lives. It was so pleasure to meet you and I hope we see you again soon.

Burcu Yagci

Klaudia is highly professional, knowledgeable,

Klaudia is highly professional, knowledgeable, sensitive and devoted to health and well-being. She adapts her treatment at every point according to your feedback. She can locate and explain problem areas and solve them quickly.
Thank you Klaudia for what was a very illuminating and therapeutic session! It was very pleasant and I also learned a lot. I feel now I have good energy.

Charles Cunningham

I had such an amazing

I had such an amazing treatment with Klaudia. Especially her pressure was spot on. As a mom of 2 little children my lower back has been killing me for long time and this was the first I felt thoroughly rested and pain free after just one massage. Thank you Klaudia and see you very soon!

Marta O'Neil

Klaudia truly has magical hands…

Klaudia truly has magical hands… when I received Reiki from her I felt the energy flow through me and I felt lighter, taller and energised afterwards. Klaudia has also treated my very painful back with trigger point technique. I have never had this specific type of massage before and it worked wonders for my back and shoulders. I think I need to get this more often before I am all knotted up and in agony. Thank you!

Bettina Falkenberg

Dear Klaudia, Thank you for having

Dear Klaudia,
Thank you for having sent energy to me on a daily basis, for so long. Despite the distance, it clearly helped me heal my cervical hernia, my inflamed eye, and other acute problems, I had been dealing with for long, not to mention my inner turmoils.
I am grateful that thanks to your great expertise, empathy and seaseless care, I feel good now.
I hope that everyone who turns to you, exeriences the same, after your treatments.
Many thanks again for everything!
Judit Horvath

Judit Horvath

I have a condition called

I have a condition called Lymphodeoma as a result of radiation treatment therapy received 18 years ago. This condition started 4 years ago and my left lower arm and hand are swollen as a result of compromised lymph vessels.
I have received lymphatic drainage massage , compression sleeves treatment, swimming and exercises. They all help to alleviate the condition but not always successful
I met Klaudia at a meditation retreat and she was concerned about my condition and recommended that I tried lymphatic drainage reflexology therapy. I am familiar with reflexology and decided to try her treatments.
After 6 weekly treatments my arm has reduced in size and no longer has this heavy feeling. As this condition is incurable I am very happy that the swelling has reduced.
Klaudia systematically took my arm measurements before each session and compared the data week on week
Apart from the Lymphodeoma , Klaudia’s dexterous fingers help me to relax and I invariably fall asleep.
I feel that I’m walking on a cloud every time I leave her.
Klaudia is a professional and a very caring person.
It is amazing that my arm has improved so much and Klaudia achieved that without even touching my arm!!

Val Adams

I went with my daughter

I went with my daughter to have a mother&daughter time together and we felt very confortable. Klaudia is an excellent professional and we enjoyed a relaxing massage and time together. She is also an expert in healing treatments and you can feel it when she treats your back, neck, etc. I totally recomend the experience.


I met Klaudia at The

I met Klaudia at The Sheen Network event for business owners. We agreed to exchange massages since we both work in the same field. Klaudia gave me a wonderful treatment. Her touch was the perfect pressure for me and exactly to my liking. She explained her methods and techniques clearly. We performed breathing and stretching excercises. The massage was deep yet very relaxing. Highly recommend! Looking forward to the next one.


I’ve seen Klaudia twice so

I’ve seen Klaudia twice so far to receive a relaxing Reiki treatment. Both were very pleasant experience. It helped me a lot with my anxiety. I’m a bad sleeper but the music, her calmness and the warmness coming from her palms put me asleep literally in two minutes. It feels like someone is covering you with a lightweight, almost transparent blanket of quietness and calmness. She is also a very pleasant personality, I will definitely be back.


I met Klaudia few months

I met Klaudia few months ago and I have had many reiki and reflexology sessions with her. All the treatments were very special experiences and I felt immediately calmer and much more relaxed afterwards. Klaudia is a real healer with a kind heart and a very strong energy. She truly cares and wants to help to all of her clients. Klaudia always follows up with appropriate information and suggestions via emails after the sessions. She has helped me to deal with a serious health problem and I will be forever grateful for her kindness and support. I have already highly recommended her to all of my friends and family and I will be continuing to go to her sessions in the future.


Stressed out from work and

Stressed out from work and suffering from painful shoulders, I decided to treat myself to a chair massage. It was the first time for me so I didn’t know what to expect, but I can honestly say that Klaudia managed to magically use her fingers to relieve me of my pain. Reiki was also a great experience, helping me get in touch with my mind body and spirit. I would really recommend H’Art Healing Hub!


I had chance to enjoy

I had chance to enjoy my Mom’s reiki treatment several times both in person and through distant reiki. I could really feel the change also when she was giving the treatment from far away. She could help me with minor issues like flu and cold but was also helpful during great stress periods. It always feels warm and relaxing and makes me wake up with much more energy and harmony in the morning.


I have had a number

I have had a number of treatments with Klaudia, her calm and quiet demeanour and the warm energy from her hands makes each treatment a deeply relaxing experience. After an hour’s Reiki with Klaudia I feel completely at ease with myself and the world. I would recommend to anyone to have a treatment with Klaudia and see for themselves!


Klaudia helped me a in

Klaudia helped me a in a period, when I had serious stomach problems and also a bike accident in the same time. I have to admit that I’m not that person who feels the energies or has any special feeling, except of calmness during the treatments. But after every treatment of far away (actually from the UK to Bali), I definitely felt much better and better until I recovered and don’t have the problems anymore. Klaudia was very caring and payed attention to my condition even after my recovery. This was something special that I never experienced before. I’m grateful to have her help and the treatments that helped me when nothing else worked.


If you have never had

If you have never had Reiki you have to try KlaudIa Reiki treatments. Klaudia’s treatments are soul deep. I always feel at easy with life and full of appreciation after a treatment. I have had a couple of Reiki treatments with Klaudia and the energy that I feel during the treatments and afterwards is amazing. I can feel her energy run thought my body during the treatments and even days later I still feel good. I am looking forward to another treatment soon. If you want a happy life try Reiki.


” Klaudia is sending me

” Klaudia is sending me Reiki every evening from London to Budapest. Luckily it seems Energy knows no boundaries. At the agreed time I just lie down comfortably, relax and let Reiki flow towards me. On these occasions a pleasantly pulsating feeling spreads throughout my body, filling me with peace and calmness. Sometimes it makes me fall asleep as well and then in the following morning I wake up feeling fresh and full of energy.” -Rita-

Bihari Rita

Mom’s Reiki treatments had amazingly

Mom’s Reiki treatments had amazingly beneficial effects on me and my life. The number of occasions that my cold, headache or existential panic disappeared right after or even during a motherly Reiki-backing speaks most clearly to her abilities. She also used Reiki to support me throughout university and in the subsequent job hunt as well. There were innumerable times when sudden successes curiously coincided with Mom’s ‘intervention’. I am sure I have a lot to thank to her Reiki talent, both in terms of physical health and scholarly and professional success. I would strongly advise anyone to give it a try.


In an accident in November

In an accident in November 2013 I broke a vertebra. As I am a contemporary dancer, my ability to move is the most essential part of my life. I have always been interested in alternative therapies. Therefore, in order to expedite my recovery, I was constantly searching for appropriate herbs, tried various creams, was eating meals full of calcium. Klaudia learned about my problem through a good friend of mine and started giving me distant Reiki immediately, from London to Hungary. Already after the first session I could dispense with the painkillers. I experienced very interesting and pleasant things during these sessions. Once I even heard a kind of tune. I find complementary therapies very important. I feel that Reiki had helped a lot in my recovery.


I had been suffering from

I had been suffering from upper back pain for many months and when I met Klaudia at our Reiki Master course she kindly offered to carry out a short treatment to help alleviate the pain. As soon as she placed her hands on my back, I could feel this warm energy streaming through my body and the pain was easing away but soon after she intuitively placed her hands on my chest and stomach. I think Reiki guided her to where it was needed the most which was to help heal my spiritual and emotional state. I don’t cry normally but I felt a swell of emotion rise out of me and her healing hands helped to unlock some deep seated feelings. I eventually cried it out and I now feel a great sense of calmness after her treatment and of course my back pain disappeared too. Amazing lady!


Klaudia’s hands are really magical.

Klaudia’s hands are really magical. The energy which she created during Reiki treatment was incredible and very powerful, almost tangible. It helped me to reconnect with my inner-self, bring peace to disturbed thinking and trust my inner guidance when decision needed to be made. I feel very lucky to be introduced to Reiki and Klaudia’s honest and inspirational work.


I have been to see Klaudia a few times now and I can safely say that she is not only a great Reiki practitioner but a lovely person too, having a gentle demeanour and genuine passion in the desire for helping others. Even if you are not going for a specific problem, having Reiki is just a wonderfully calming treatment in itself. I have practiced Reiki myself and am always thrilled to find other practitioners. You can feel the heat from Klaudia’s hands before she even starts the treatment, that is how it was and has been for me. I look forward to my sessions with her.


I bend a lot during my work as I am a beauty therapist. My hands, arms and my back are in constant use. I visited Klaudia several times for chair and full body massage as well. I felt both treatments were huge relief for my sore muscles. The chair massage does wonder to my shoulders, neck and arms, I always feel much lighter after.


After an exhausting day behind

After an exhausting day behind the screen it was a true relief. The chair massage became my favorite, because it balances the body’s weight on a very comforting way during the massage. I am not a person who likes being undressed, and I can tell it was absolutely enjoyable. The physical experience is also going in parallel with a great mental chilling effect on me. The only thing hardly could accept, that the 1 hour massage time frame seems to be too short in the end 😀

Vilmos Schlingloff

Soothing experience!

Soothing experience!

Gabi M

A few days ago I

A few days ago I was relieved from my everyday stress thanks to Klaudia’s distant Reiki treatment. Altough it was a single session my days are much better now. I found harmony within myself and I’m also more productive than before. I was suffering from a bad post summer depression and I coulnd’t find my place anywhere but now I can enjoy every moment of the day and I don’t feel my problems so unsolvable and so huge.


we’ve shared a reiki session

we’ve shared a reiki session with Klaudia. I say shared because even though we were a few thousand km apart (she was sending the energy from London to Budapest) it felt like I wasn’t not alone during the session. It was a very calming experience, I’ve attained focus very naturally and I can still feel it’s effect. would recommend very much!


I’ve got a distance reiki

I’ve got a distance reiki treatment, and after a couple minutes out of the blue I felt warm and hapiness and started to laugh. In the middle of the 30 minute session, I became so relaxed, that I fell asleep. After I woke up, I was full with energy and had the most restful sleep in weeks, even though it was just an hour or so. Thank you.


I had a distant reiki

I had a distant reiki session with Klaudia that was very relaxing and filled me with peace. It relieved me from everyday stress and I felt a lot more energetic afterwards. Klaudia’s distant presence was reassuring and helped me to focus my thoughts on inner healing while my body was completely relaxed. I truly recommend Klaudia’s treatment!


I’ve had various treatments with

I’ve had various treatments with Klaudia – reflexology and reiki as well as massage. She has a gentle,kind manner which I appreciate. When she does the reiki there is heat emanating from her hands and whatever energy is being transmitted,I’ve found myself falling into a state of deep relaxation almost immediately. I credit her healing abilities with helping to ease my lower back issues and improve my feelings of general wellbeing.


Klaudia is a very professional

Klaudia is a very professional and knowledgeable therapist. She really takes time to understand her customer’s requirement and tailors her treatment accordingly. I came to Klaudia for the first time because I suffered from an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It was the first time in a long time that I have treated myself to reflexology. Klaudia took time to sit down and listen to my concerns and the reflexology treatment was fabulous. In fact I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Klaudia takes an holistic wellness approach, using Reiki and Indian head massage as well. She has a very gentle and loving energy and you can see she genuinely likes helping people. She also gave me some useful home care tips. I left feeling amazing, calmer and more energised than when I arrived. Since then I have always been very pleased with my treatments from Klaudia. Highly recommended!


I’ve experienced lots of therapeutic

I’ve experienced lots of therapeutic massage over the years. I think Klaudia is the best. She combines a wealth of knowledge and training with an intuitive approach that means I can really let go. I have an auto immune condition which means I am often achy and sore and I find it difficult to relax. I am finding my current course with Klaudia is supporting my recovery and I am loving it. It’s bliss.

Annee Leveson-Gower

I am so glad I

I am so glad I met Klaudia. I am confident to say that reiki treatments with her changed my life. I had a long journey through alternative treatments practitioners and psychologists but none of them was as helpful, warm and understanding as Klaudia is. I would recommend reiki treatment to anyone. It literally improves health and wellbeing instantly. I feel like a new person thanks to Klaudia.


Dear Klaudia, I would like

Dear Klaudia, I would like please to say a few words about my experience after the reiki session from yesterday. It was so wonderful everything and I feel that my words are not enough to express what I want to say. I could feel the heating that came from your hands through my body and it was so pleasant and the energy flowing inside me. Also the room was set so nice, the light and smell and the music were so relaxing and intimate. After I left you, late in the afternoon when I was staying in bed I could feel the energy along my spine, even at Svadhisthana and Manipura Chakras. The energy was spreading on my whole back, I felt vibrations in my head. I can’t feel yet the energy at Vishuddhi, but I think I will. Thank you for all of these again and for your kindly advices you gave to me


I met Klaudia in March

I met Klaudia in March when I was in severe pain with a bad back, she suggested that I should have massage thearapy and after 2 1hr sessions my back problem had completely gone. Since then I’ve fallen down some stairs and broken my shoulder blade in 3 places I was informed by the Dr at the hospital that my recovery would take between 8-12 weeks. I got in touch with Klaudia again to ask if she could help with my situation she said she believed she could and recommended that I should have Reiki treatment I’ve had regular treatments over the last 2-3 weeks I feel so much better after each session and the pain has almost gone completely. I believe that my recovery will take a lot less time than the hospital Dr predicted. I would strongly recommend anyone who has physical health problems to try Reiki or massage treatment from Klaudia, it certainly worked for me.

Neil Hunter

I had heart problems months

I had heart problems months ago, then I had a long distance treatment from the UK to Budapest,Hungary to heal. It was amazing, I felt the heat every time and felt better and better from time to time. I’m amazed and thankful for all the love and energy I got from the treatments. My problems are gone and I feel better than ever. 🙂


I’ve got a distance reiki

I’ve got a distance reiki treatment cause of my vesicles. I had continuous pain in my belly and stomach and couldn’t sleep well. Besides the reiki treatment I got advices and other ideas to reduce stress what’s responsible for sickness. After more years never ending examination my vesicles disappeared. Thank you for the chance to have a fresh start!


Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much for supporting Age UK Richmond with your generous donation to our 2018 Volunteers Thank You Event. The event as you know was a huge success and our volunteers especially appreciated their hand and head massages. It would not have been such a lovely day without your support of the local community. Our volunteers left with big smiles on their faces! We look forward to working with you again the future.

Jackie Marie, Age UK Richmond

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