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I feel pain in my

I feel pain in my body and after being to the doctors, I’ve been told I’m OK,there is nothing physical wrong with me, they even gave me medicines for nerve damage, as this is what they assumed I have. I’ve been taking the medicines for a while and I ended up depressed and very stressed as the pain still comes and goes and my mind just won’t let me rest and I end up thinking of all bad things that could happen to me. After having massage sessions with Klaudia, just being in the same room with her, I realised that my pain comes from emotional blockages.. At some point I was so stressed and full of thoughts that I thought I am going crazy. After a reiki session I feel so much relaxed and I finally have space in my head to think positive again and start leaving in the present moment without being stuck in bad thoughts. Klaudia is an amazing healer and I will keep going to see here again and recommend to my friends. Thank you Klaudia!