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Thanks to a facial massage, we feel as if we have been reborn. Because our face is also rich in reflex and marma points, we will not only feel younger and smoother, but it will have a positive effect on our whole body, all our body systems and recharge our energy system.

I offer two types of facial massages. Both are soothing, energizing and rejuvenating. The difference between the two is that the Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation massage is done with oil. The therapist uses her hands for the first half of the half-hour session and a bronze instrument for the second half to stimulate the marma points. The massage is a succession of continuous movements.

The natural facial rejuvenation massage is performed for one hour, without oil or any other aids, using only the therapist’s fingers and hands, according to a strictly choreographed plan to stimulate and re-mobilise the muscles of the face and neck, releasing tension and blockages in the skin, tissues and muscles.

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