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Leave the pain behind

Head, neck and shoulder pain

They can be caused by bad posture or/and stress. If you have chronic or acute pain in your head, neck and shoulder Advanced Clinical Massage and /or Indian Head Massage as well as Facial Reflexology or Ayurvedic Face Massage can release your pain, most of the times just in one session.


Low back pain

The best treatment for low back pain is Advanced Clinical Massage including triggerpoint therapy. We need to check the whole of the back, the glute muscles, hips and upper legs, even the front: the iliacus and psoas muscles to find the trigger points and the reason of the pain.  It may take more than one session to release all the pain.


Hip or leg pain – Sciatica

Here again Advanced Clinical Massage is the best treatment type. We need to find all the hiding trigger points which cause the very unpleasant tingling and pain from waist almost to the bottom of the foot.


Tingling and pain in the palms or fingers

The reason of tingling in these body parts has to be looked for in the arms, shoulders and in the scalene muscles. Advanced Clinical Massage, hand massage and Hand Reflexology are all great options to treat the problem.


Foot pain, plantar fasciatis

Very often the pain in our feet is caused by trigger points in the lower leg, in the calf muscles (gastrocnemius) or in the soleus muscles. Massaging the bottom of the foot would never release the pain. Advanced Clinical Massage will help, along with Ayurvedic Foot Massage which uses the powerful kansa watki bowl, with the ancient technique of Chinese Foot Massage, or western type Foot Reflexology.


Headaches, migraines

Headaches and migraines can be caused by many different reasons: tension, stress, anxiety, bad posture, trigger points hiding  in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Depending on the cause of the problem Reiki, Advanced Clinical Massage and Indian Head Massage are effective ways to treat headaches and migraines. A combination of treatments can also be a very good idea.

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