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Chair Massage

A refreshing massage therapy to counteract bad sitting posture

Potential Benefits

• Better concentration & memory
• Improved alertness and productivity
• Clearer thinking
• Relieves tension headache
• Helps releasing anxiety, depression, stress, mental fatigue
• Relief from neck and shoulder stiffness
• Improved blood and lymph circulation
• Elevates mood

Our On-Site Chair Massage Treatment takes only half an hour and gives a long-lasting result. It integrates Swedish massage elements, deep tissue massage, pressure point techniques and passive stretches to relieve the physical and mental symptoms of tension and bad posture what most of us may experience working in an office environment.

During the treatment the client remains fully dressed, while the therapist works on their head, shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands. After the Chair Massage Treatment due to the better blood circulation, your brain will receive more oxygen which improves concentration and alleviates mental fatigue. You will not only feel calm in your mind, but you will experience improved flexibility in your muscles as well.

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