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Animal Reiki

Reiki is spiritually guided life energy. It is guiding itself with its own wisdom rather than requiring the direction of the therapist.
It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Animals love Reiki

 when it is approached properly, and their needs are respected. Animals are quite sensitive to energy and can be very receptive to Reiki. It helps them to find balance in body and mind, just as it does for us.

Allowing them the space to roam freely can make a huge difference in how well an animal session goes. Animals decide if they want hands-on Reiki (many prefer hands-off or distant) and they decide how long the session will last.

Many animals like to walk in and out of the session. This is especially true for dogs and cats. They like to have a little then take a break and let their energy adjust.

The owners also report that the animals appear to have a significant reduction in pain,

in anxiety, in overcoming trauma and often behavioural issues after the session. Many times, long term anxiety can clear up within 3 distant Reiki sessions. Reiki is also very helpful in easing the difficulties from cancer treatment such as pain or nausea. Reiki is a wonderful comfort in the final transition, bringing a gentle sense of calm and peace. 

Some animals who find Reiki overwhelming in person, they often enjoy it at a distance, either across the room or even much further away. The benefits of distant Reiki sessions are just as wonderful as they are in person.  Animals are much more aware of and receptive to Reiki than humans are and for this reason, there is no resistance or doubt.

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Our goal with as Reiki therapists is to hold space for the animals to come into their own healing energy and balance.


Holding loving energy in our heart while doing an animal Reiki session is the most healing, kind, and compassionate thing we can do. By holding compassionate space for them, we are allowing healing to happen. Love truly is a powerful and healing energy. 

Many animals experience twitching during the session, and most become very sleepy and trancelike for the duration of the session. Afterwards they may have to go to the bathroom more than usual and may need more water than usual for the first 24 hours. 

When Reiki is done for one pet in a household it will naturally flow to some degree to the other pets and to the owners. It will work to heal imbalances within the home and within the pet’s relationships. 

Animal Reiki is entirely animal-led. The animal decides if they want to participate in a Reiki session at all, how long or short the session will be, whether hands will be placed on them during the session, or it will be done from a distance. The caretakers report the same effect during distant sessions as are seen during an in-person session. 

Animals instinctively know where they need Reiki. They often come and position their bodies on your hands exactly where they need it. Others will decide to lie nearby.

(Angie Webster – Animal Reiki, How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature)

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